About Honorwood




We are a Brisbane importer who sells mainly to the DIY industry. 

After selling composite deck for around 15 years we believe that the Honorwood product has the best profile, grain and colours in the Australian market.  We are the Australian distributor so take a look at our deck to see why we sell upwards of 20 tonnes a deck a month on average

A real 25 year warranty and backed by a company that supplies to 30 plus countries. Remember Modwood or ekodeck only sell in Australia.

See bottom of page for VIDEOS and TIPS

We do carry what is regarded as the best looking composite decking if your looking for timber colours and good deep grain with several colours having superb weathered look tones and all with a low sheen coat to make hosing down stains a breeze :

  • High end Co-Extrusion Embossed solid deck called "Honorwood"
  • We carry Brown, Reds, White & Grey colours

We do only ship to metro areas from Hervey Bay in the North down to all suburbs of Melbourne and all stops on the highway between.

This image shows a great contrast on why our deck is superior. 

Honorwood in Australia has made decision to carry only SOLID CORE DECKING PRODUCTS from 2018.  Why, honestly without any doubt, hollow decking WILL FAIL.  Do not be fooled, do not be convinced otherwise, hollow deck either round or square hollow or M-boards will break.  I know as I have been around longer then most other sellers here in Australia and we have gone through the initial start of composites to where the industry is today.

We stock a full range full 10-colour solid 21.5 to 23.5mm thick board range. So now you get the strongest boards and the guaranteed best look and feel to TIMBER STYLE. Our boards are all dual colour to allow us to carry a larger range.  This dual colour will only affect you if the boards can be viewed from underneath like a balcony.

Click on each item individually in the DECKING products page to find out more about each style and colours.

When you start the process on what is needed for your deck, the items below you need once you have installed your deck structure:

- DECK BOARDS lay on top.  They have grooves down the sides to hold the concealed clip system.

- DECK CLIPS go between the boards on every joist.  The clip is plastic composite and the 40mm screw is stainless, powder coated black.

- STARTER CLIPS are a U-Shaped clip designed to hold the first board.

LOCKING CLIPS are a Toothed clip designed to hold the boards at butt joints to stop the gap widening at the end to end butt

- EDGE or FASCIA BOARDS are the same colour as the deck but has no clip groove and is used to wrap the edge of your deck to cover the clip edge, the core colour and your joists.

- DECK JOIST RUBBER and DECK LIGHTS are optional extras

The High end Co-Extrusion has a better look and feel to the competitors such as Ecodeck or Modwood.  It has a pressed in woodgrain that allows the product to look the closest to timber that can be manufactured with composite. The ekodeck and modwood products do leave watermarks and stains from possums or duck droppings or even dropping a wine as it is made with an older technology.  Honorwood low sheen outer shell allows it all to be hosed off.

We sell a sample pack for $5.  Just go to the DECKINGS menu tab and buy it there. We can fit 3 samples in a satchel so advise colours.

Any questions you are welcome to call or SMS John direct on 0414237573.  Our warehouse is in Narangba and you can view full board colours there or drop in and pickup samples for free. 

Our truck run ALL-STOPS to Melbourne every 10 days

Local deliveries in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast we deliver several times a week.


1) How to choose and fit deck lights

2) How to do rips and Clips for Deck

3) How to fit Edge boards

4) Pool fence tips on composite deck

Install Tips

·         Leave a 4mm expansion gap between every butt joint and 6mm up against walls when outside temperature around 24 degrees.  if your installing at 30 degrees plus and boards have been outside then half that.

·         Use clips provided and 1 clip only ever connects 2 boards

·         When butt joining double joist so that the clips connects to 1 board on each side only on a full joist

·         Deck should be at least 25mm off the ground to allow circulation

·         Deck structure should be built to the Australian standard including post in ground with concrete

·         When deciding how many lengths make sure you allow for waste on ending joists.  Do yourself a drawing so that you do not have to waste extra with other deliveries. Deck should not be quoted in square metres but how many boards you need of 5.4m.

Delivery and Pickup

·         FREE pickup from Narangba Warehouse. Usually need 2 hours notice to pick order

·         $140 Northside delivery

·         $200Southside Delivery

·         $250 Sunshine or Gold Coast Delivery

·         $350 Flat Rate Sydney

·         $450 Flat Rate Melbourne